GRAF+ZYX : Early Recordings 77-83 erschienen
Sonntag, 01. Juli 2007
Kategorie: G+Z : Projekte


GRAF+ZYX are an interdisciplinary art group from Vienna, Austria, consisting of Inge Graf and Walter Zyx who are still working together today. In 1981, under the name of ZYX, they released the LP Trust no Woman and several cassettes. On this new LP, Vinyl-on-Demand compiles some of their Electropop and Minimal Electronics tracks from the rare cassettes Wien-Tokyo-Wien (1983), Eissalon (1983), Museum of Private Arts 1984 Vol. U4 (1983) and GRAF+ZYX 77-82 (1982). The album is wonderful and actually much better than the ‘81 album. More versatile and dynamic and it includes the hauntingly beautiful O.T. 1 which is one the best tracks Anna has heard in years. Also it includes the Minimal Electronics cult track Get Away Dark Side, originally released on the 1981 compilation LP WienmusikK under the name of ROTER ROT. This new LP was probably the nicest surprise for Anna of all releases in 2007! (Annaloguerec.)

Coverdesign: © Joachim Jalowy
Fotos: © GRAF+ZYX